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●  TURNED-DOWN recently for a car loan?
●  DIVORCED or going through one now?
●  BANKRUPTCY on your credit report?
●  GARNISHMENTS - Wages, Pensions?
●  LAWSUITS - Government and/or Private Entity?
●  TAX LEVIES - IRS/Federal, State or Local?
●  CHAPTER 13 - Under a Re-Organization Plan?
●  STUDENT LOAN(S) - Behind in payments?
●  BACK TAXES - Income, Property, Business...?
●  LIENS - Wages and/or Real Property?
●  BAD CREDIT, limited credit or no credit?
●  LATE PAYMENTS - 30-days, 60-days, 90-days?
●  BAD DEBTS - charge-offs or write-offs?
●  UNPAID MEDICAL BILLS - past or present?
●  TAX LIENS - government or private party?
●  REPOSSESSIONS of personal property?

"Bad Things Happen To Good People"
If you answered "YES" to one or more of the above,
we don't care; we can get you financed and into the
car you want - TODAYOur Special Finance Dept.
is dedicated to assisting the "Credit Challenged" in
rebuilding their credit... it's their sole mission.

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